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Dear Online Marketer

Now you too can make more sales from ANY video promotion, pump your affiliate earnings so high they’ll be gushing like a fresh-strike oil well, and make so many CPA commissions that MaxBounty and PeerFly will be sending you champagne on your birthday.

If you want to feel the security of having more money coming in every month, knowing that your next mortgage payment is covered or even just be able to surprise your wife with that dress she’s been after, this letter is going to show you how you could make it happen.


retargeting ads

My name is Aravindh Sridhar,
and with my partners
Brad Stephens and Sam Bakker
I run some of the most effective online
promotions ever…

And they’re exactly the same as yours

Let me be very clear about this: if you and me ran the EXACT same ad, for the EXACT same product, to the EXACT same list…

My ad would sell more.

And it’s not because I’m smarter.

It’s because there’s one little thing I’m doing differently.
One little thing that means my traffic works harder and converts better than anyone else’s.

The problem is that you’re just not getting enough EXPOSURE… because Facebook runs ads like Vegas runs roulette tables

Most people need to see a product like a T-Shirt several times before they buy. That’s just how psychology works.

But with FB ads, you only get one spin of the wheel. If someone sees your ad, clicks, but doesn’t buy immediately (which is most people) you’ve got to get them back.

That means you need them to be on Facebook at exactly the right time for your ad to appear again. And again, and again, until they buy.

What are the odds? Frankly, not great. Facebook’s a lottery, and you lost.

If you want to win, you need to stack the odds in your favour.


So how do you get your ads in front of people more often?

You could start throwing even more money at Facebook. Target more people. Run them for longer and longer.

Let’s face it, it’s what they’re trying to make you do.


You could start thinking like an entrepreneur. Get outside the box Facebook have shoved you into.

So think about this: what if you could GUARANTEE anyone who clicked on your ad would see it again? What if they didn’t just see it on Facebook, but all over the web?

What if you could keep spinning the wheel until you WIN?

And what if you could do it without giving Facebook one extra cent?

Good news. This is possible. And you’re going to be AMAZED at how easily you can have it working for you.

And with this technique, you can make your ads far more successful… without changing them one bit

Check Out The Results I’ve Had Promoting Videos

ad retargeting

That’s $10,140.12 from just 8 promotions.
And to prove that wasn’t just some run of good luck…


retargeting ads

That’s another $8444.93.

Check Out The Result I’ve Had Promoting Teespring Campaigns


And if you’ve got any business sense, you’re probably
asking one question…


Why The Hell Aren’t You Getting Results Like That?

Here’s the secret.

You already know most people need to see products more than once before they buy or sign up. That’s just how psychology works.

But right now, you’re only getting paid for the people who take immediate action.

And that’s the top 10% at best.

Everyone else leaves the page, thinking they’ll come back later… and we both know that won’t happen.

These are your HOTTEST leads. You KNOW they’re interested, you KNOW they just need another look… but you’ve lost them.

At worst, they find a link from some other marketer for the same offer, and buy through that link instead…

Meaning you did all the hard work, and you get NOTHING for it! Your commissions are being stolen from under your nose.

You Need To Capture These Hot Leads And Get
Them Back To The Money Page… And You Need ToDo It With Your Affiliate Link!

So what if you could do that?

What if you could bring all your hottest leads straight back to ANYTHING you wanted to promote, with YOUR affiliate cookie intact?

Practically forcing them to return until they buy, giving YOU that juicy commission?

This is how I make so much more from my promotions… without having a massive list, and without spending huge amounts on stupid numbers of ads.

This is called Retargeting, and it’s going to make you a lot of money.

Whoa there, cowboy… Retar-what?

You may not realise it, but you’ve seen this in the past. In fact, it’s been done to you. Maybe even made you buy.

You know how when you visit some websites, you suddenly start seeing adverts for them all over the web? That’s retargeting.

Retargeting Teespring Pages

teespring marketing retarget

Retargeting Video Sales Letters

Retargeting for Offline Clients

Retargeting Clickbank Products

Retargeting JVZoo Offers

With normal Facebook Ads, you’re just hoping they’ll be shown your ad again enough times. Think that’s likely? No. No, it is not.

But retargeting SPECIFICALLY hunts down people who have seen your offer before. Your BEST prospects. Your HOTTEST leads. And it doesn’t let them go until they buy.

Want proof this works? Check this out:

retargeting ads

Yeah, you’re reading that right. That’s over 1000% ROI.

That’s how hot this traffic is, and that’s what you’re currently missing out on.

Now just imagine what this can do for your business…

behavioral targeting

So If Retargeting Is So Hot, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?


Because until now, you had to OWN the site you were sending traffic to.

See, to retarget you used to have to manually add a pixel to the site…

So even if you’re technically skilled enough to be sure of getting it in the right place
(which is itself quite a big ask), you’d need access to the site’s back end.

And how often can you get that for affiliate promotions? Never.

Retargeting Makes YOUR Traffic Convert
Higher And Hit Harder…
But It’s Been Denied To You Until Now

And I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that’s fair.

That’s why Brad, Sam and I developed a platform that lets you retarget ANY site.

That lets you pull back your HOTTEST leads for any promotion, any video, any offer.

And best of all… it’s as easy as click, copy, paste.

You Don’t Need To Change ANYTHING About Your Promotions… You Just Need To Add In
Traffic Tempest

With Traffic Tempest, YOU get to use the power of retargeting in your business.

All you need to do is sign up to the usual retargeting services like Perfect Audience and AdRoll, which you can do for free, or you can just use Facebook. Then copy and paste the details they give you into Traffic Tempest.

Your ads will follow your hottest leads all over the web. They’ll bring back your HOTTEST leads to any video you promote, any CPA offer you run, any Amazon page whether you own the site or not.

video marketing

Are these people smarter than you? Are they better marketers than you? Absolutely not! All they did was use Traffic Tempest to make their ads work BETTER.

And when you’re using Traffic Tempest too, here’s what you’ll get:


retargeting software
marketing tools
facebook ads
behavioral targeting

How You Can Make Your Ads For ANY Product
Massively More Powerful…

In 5 Easy Steps

retargeting software

Choose the page you want to retarget – it can be absolutely anything.

Add your tracking pixel code (Perfect Audience, AdRoll and Facebook all give you this, so you can just copy and paste). Normally, you’d have to work out where to put this on your page but with Traffic Tempest you just drop it in the box.

marketing campaign
social media campaign

Choose a cloaking domain from the drop-down list. You can use whichever one best suits your offer.

Choose the page you want to retarget – it can be absolutely anything.

retargeting ads

Your ads are now following your leads all over the web, bringing them back to your offer for more sales and more profit.

It’s that easy. No complicated coding, no worrying if you’ve put the pixel in the right place. Can you copy and paste? Yes? Great – you’ve got all the skills you need.

Traffic Tempest Key Features


Traffic Tempest is
web-based software,
so it doesn’t matter
what computer you use



affiliate marketing
retargeting ads

This doesn’t rely on
some loophole that’s
just waiting to be shutdown…
it works, and it’s going to
keep working

Pre-loaded domains
mean you don’t need
to set up any of your
own… just pick the
one that best suits
your business

social media marketing
ad retargeting

Traffic Tempest
automatically puts your
pixel exactly where it needs to be

Traffic Tempest integrates
with Facebook, Adroll and
Perfect Audience… so wherever
your customers are on the web,
they’ll be seeing your ads 

We’ve made Traffic Tempest
so easy to use you’ll probably be
able to pick it up in a few minutes, but just to make sure
recorded a full set of training videos.


And of course, everything is covered by a cast-iron
100% guarantee.

Your Rock-Solid 30 Day Guarantee

Setting up a Traffic Tempest campaign takes a couple of minutes. Watching
how much it improves your results will take a couple of days, tops. So you’ll
know pretty soon if it’s working for you.

But we want to make sure you’ve got the time to really put the app through its paces. That’s why you’ve got 30 days to test out EVERYTHING.

Create some campaigns. Watch your ads go nuclear. Make a load of sales.

And if at any point you’re not satisfied, you can get everything back.

And not only that… we’ll throw in
TWO exclusive bonuses,
only available during this launch.

You’ve already seen the power of Traffic Tempest.

Jessica Carlon banked $832 in extra sales. Paolo Beringuel made an extra $380.56 the first time he tested a campaign.

They didn’t change their ads. They didn’t do any ‘ninja’ targeting. They just started using Traffic Tempest.

With Traffic Tempest you get unlimited campaigns and more exposure on ALL your promotions.

Special Early Bird Pricing Ends In:

Right now, this is all available for a small
investment of just $27

That’s the Traffic Tempest web app, the Developer license, the proven multi-million dollar ads and the training course, and it’s all covered by the no-questions-asked 30-day guarantee.

But this offer is only available for a limited time since we are only allowing access to Traffic tempest to the first 500 members.

So hit the button below right now for instant access.

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You just need to answer one question…

Do you really want to keep seeing your promotions go nowhere? Do you really want YOUR commissions to be stolen by affiliates with more reach and deeper pockets?

No, of course not.

You want to see your promotions succeed. You want to see your commissions rack up in your PayPal account. You want to see your wife’s eyes light up when you tell her how much you made from promoting just one video, or just one CPA offer.

And Traffic Tempest is going to help you get there. You’ve seen what it can do. This is technology that has NEVER been available to affiliate marketers before… and now you can use it to make your campaigns explode.

Click the button below right now for instant access. We’ll set up your account right away, and you’ll be ready to run your first campaign in minutes.

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P.S. You’ve already seen the power of Traffic Tempest. You’ve seen how other users have made hundreds of dollars on their FIRST campaign.

Right out of the box, Traffic Tempest delivered the goods.

This is how you can make ALL your ads perform better – because as soon as someone clicks, you’ll be making sure they’ll be seeing your ads all over the web.

Do you think you could make more sales when your HOTTEST prospects are being constantly reminded about your offer? You bet you could.

But this offer is ONLY available for a few days. If you miss out, that’s it. No requests for extensions will be acknowledged. You’ll have to pay the full $197, when you could have had everything for 80% less.

So click the button below now to claim your license, and start making Facebook ads finally work for you.